X Large Serama OR a Jap x Serama. LOVELY Color! FL P/U Only


8 Years
Jan 25, 2011
Plant City, FL
A LOVELY fellow with really unique color. Most of you know how it goes...to get what you want you sometimes have to take extras that you really cant use. The breeder (who had true quality seramas) SWORE that he was a serama...but as she is also a Jap breeder...I think he is a Cross.

He's worth the effort with this color to do SOMETHING with him...lighter than he looks, but still too large for my tastes. (Again think C serma meets small Jap) He is too small for me to turn loose with my eggers and too big for me to put with the seramas and I dont have any extra women to put him with for grins and giggles. A good project bird. PU ONLY. Questions PM ME. THanks for looking.

That is one very colorful little rooster!....I really like to color of his tail.......

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