??? X leghorn hens


6 Years
Jun 10, 2013
I have 3 leghorn hens and 2 leghorn cross hens. I lost my leghorn roo. Can't Find another adult leghorn roo.

I have some surplus roos I haven't butchered yet.

1 Rhode island
1 white rock
1 buff Orpington
1 white bantam
1 Rhode island cross
1 red sexlink

Was wondering what and if any of these would make a good cross with them.
Anything you cross the pures to will be white, might have red or buff leakage depending on what you cross them with.
Hard to determine what the mixes will produce.
Put a rooster over them from something that lays a green egg, the offspring should give you blue eggs.
That's not correct.
Very slight chance for blue but most likely they would lay green or brown eggs.

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