Xray of my hen's internals...proof chickens will eat ANYthing!


10 Years
Nov 18, 2009
Sacramento, California
This was several years ago, but it is still interesting so I thought I'd share. Sunshine was my favorite hen. A super friendly RIR that loved to sit on my shoulder, parrot-style and loved to nap on my lap. One day she was more insistent than ever..pecking at my pants leg and following me. I finally got down and let her sit on my lap. Her breathing was awful! So labored and scratchy. To my husband's chagrin I took her to a vet thinking maybe I could just get an antibiotic. I had toooo...
She was my favorite. Long story short ... the vet was not able to help. She had fluid throughout her lungs, but unrelated was the laugh we got when she brought in the xray. Lower down in her intestine you can see all the screws clear as a bell that she had picked up free ranging on our acre of land! The vet said probably all the hens looked like this as they enjoy eating shiny things. Apparently chickens are not able to pass this stuff through so it continues to build up over time. Here is a picture of Sunshine in the car going to the vet and the xray

OMG, thanks for sharing - and how about her in the front seat in a box - too cute!!!

So sorry about your loss, but you tried!
WOW! Cow will do that but you just toss some magnets down their gullet and they will pass all that metal with the magnet. It's called Hardware Disease.
Now I'm wondering what objects my chickens have inside them.....
Well she gave me an antibiotic, but wasn't very hopeful because of the amount of fluid in the lungs. And sure enough the hen died about 3 days later. Sigh.
I expected it, but just had to try anyway.
How sad! Pet birds have this same problems-large parrots have been known to eat drawer handles and do forth.
Oh I learned about that the nearly hard way. My good roo found a stack of screws that were uncovered after tons of rain...he was clucking his heart out for the girls to come see what he had found for them...I got there first and took them away. I informed Thor it is not good to find screws and sharp shiny things to feed your girls.

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