yawning chicks


7 Years
Nov 6, 2012
I guess this is kind of a question and an idea
I noticed my chicks "yawning" a bit recently.
I searched it and found a few post saying stuff about full crops or adjusting their crop, but mine didn't seem to have full crops at the time they were yawning.
I noticed on lot of the posts the chickens mentioned were also showing signs of being over heated or just a little too hot and then I realized that my chicks did seem to be yawning when they sat down next to the heater or were snuggled up in some blankets.
I tried taking them away from the heater and sure enough they stopped "yawning" I put them back just to test that it wasn't a coincidence and they started again

I'm bringing this up because in the posts about yawning chickens that also showed other signs of being a bit hot, no one seemed to know what they "yawning" was apart from things to do with the crop or trying to crow.

So I guess I was wondering if anyone else had noticed their chicks yawning when they may have been bit hot, or if anyone knows if this is in fact another sign of overheating?
Please correct me if i'm wrong, because I am very new to chickens and I'm trying to learn as much useful stuff as I can
If you are using a light for heat, make sure the brooder area is large enough that the chicks can get away from the heat if desired. If they are all piled up under the light, they might be a bit cold. If they are spread out away from the light, they are probably too hot. They will regulate the temp they need if provided enough room. Panting is a sign of overheating. Not sure about yawning.
Thanks, I know about overheating and my chicks have a suitable comfortably heated box, I was just bringing up the thing about the yawning, seeing as in lot of threads about overheating birds they were yawning also but no one seemed to know what it was
Yeah, not sure about the yawning. I kept my young ones in a cage with a draped towel to help regulate heat. If in a box with solid walls, maybe they could use a bit more air circulation?
I know I yawn when it seems stuffy.

They are probably just sleepy though, and yawning before dropping off to sleep like other kids do. If I find any info about chicken yawning, I'll post back. I enjoy learning about the little fluffers.

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