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  1. I was out checking the birds yesterday afternoon and Clementine (my favorite chicken) LAID her FIRST egg! She was so proud, too! She literally RAN to me when I opened the door & and then walked back & circled the egg! It was small, very oblong/pointed at one end and kind of lumpy--looked like it hurt coming out! But she laid her first egg! [​IMG]

    Now I'm just hoping she gets better. [​IMG] She had a brutal over-zealous (young) roo peck the back of her head pretty badly (blood was EVERYWHERE on Saturday) so she's on antibiotics and she's isolated from everyone else...but she's eating/drinking and now laying! I'm not eating her eggs, either, BTW....since she's on the meds...
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    Congratulations! Yay! [​IMG]

    I made Christmas ornaments out of the first eggs I got- red ribbon and little silver bells!
  3. Thanks! Yeah because of her meds I do not want to eat it & unforunately, it's too weird looking for me to incubate I just had to admire it. LOL
  4. Here is a pic of her from this summer--I need newer ones, though!

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    Quote:Please tell me the roo is coyote bait now...
  6. Well, he's isolated from everyone else...I'm not sure what to do with him! Of course, he is the most gorgeous GLC roo I have--but I do have a back-up one....Hubby says to trim his beak??
  7. And here is a pic of Clementine's sister--

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    Heather - I don't think any of your pics are posting.
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    Quote:I have found that a Dremel with the round drum sander works excellent with trimming beaks. Just use on the slower setting. The chickens don't seem to mind a bit.
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    lol congrats :] very pretty bird;)

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