YEAH! First egg!!

Susan G

In the Brooder
Jul 4, 2016


Couldnt be happier with our first egg this morning. Have two Welsummers and three RI Reds, not sure who laid but doesnt diminish our joy!! :)
Hooray!!! Congrats!
How old are yours? The wait is killing me.
I have 2 Golden sexlinks that are 18.5 weeks and no eggs.
I also have 2 Black Australorps, 2 EE and 2 Welsummer/RIR crosses that aren't laying, which I expected, but the sex links? Come on!!!
Our Wellsummers are in their 6 th month and thr Rhode Island Reds are in their 5 th month. Im guessing it was a RIR that laid this first egg since she is the only one I see "practicing". Ours have not moved into their new coop yet and are housed in a box stall right now. Sunlight is not as good in the stall as it will be in the coop so we expect the laying to improve with better sunlight. It has seemed long to me too but I think Wellsummers are slower to start laying from what I have read.

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