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May 17, 2017
So, my wife and I have had our flock for almost a year now. We have two beautiful easter eggers and four black australorps. To top it all off, a Silver Lace Polish butthead-of-a-rooster. We still love him.

Anyways, I wanted to share a project we are working on that has had great success lately. We live in Homer, Alaska and as you know, it get's cold up here in the winter and we don't have a lot of farmers able to grow greens in the winter...but that is starting to change.

One thing that we are doing is starting up a year round indoor microgreens farm. It doesn't take much $ to get started growing microgreens and the best part about the wasted product and the empty flats, is you can feed it to your birds.

Every two weeks we plant microgreens. It takes most of them about 14 days to grow. Anything from pea shoots to arugula to wheatgrass (they go nuts over wheatgrass).

So basically, you get a rack system in place. One of those wire racks on rollers would work well inside your house or a warm place that has access to power. Plug in some florescent lighting, get some seed and soil, and you are good to go.

Radish, Wheatgrass, Broccoli, and pretty much any brassica are easy as pie to grow.

Grow your greens up, harvest them and you can sell them to market if you have the right business license. There will be leftovers after harvest. It's mostly remaining greens and the seed hulls left behind. Throw that in your chicken pile and watch them go crazy shredding up the leftover turf.

Anyways, just thought we would share. You can check out our youtube channel to learn more about our farm... and what we are up to.

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