yellow around eyes?


11 Years
May 19, 2011
The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia!
happened to notice today that a few of my peas have some light yellow coloring
showing up on their faces around their eyes (not in the eyes)....does anyone know what this is from??
can't say that I remember seeing it there before .....and will the yellow color stay there?
I have only been into peafowl for about 6-7 months so am still learning so any
advice or hints are welcome...

noticed this in some that are about 4-5 months old...
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Yellow around the eyes like this?


This is an older IB Hen that was feral on a friend's ranch, living off the land and what little chicken scratch she could manage to sneak here and there. Wasn't sure if she has some Spalding in her, or if it was diet. But now that I have had her penned up and on game bird feed plus lots of healthy goodies & veggies (no corn or scratch) fpr almost 6 wks, the yellow patches have faded some. I need to get some current pics of her
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I don't feed corn and my peas don't eat flock raiser anymore unless they are really, really ,hungry and some of them have yellow skin under the eye like PeepsCA.
I figured they had some green blood in them.
Could that be the case deerman?

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