Yellow chick

Looks like posting was deleted...
still works for me. This is what is says:
A friend unexpectedly acquired several hundred baby chicks (they were one day old, on their way to a farm or something, when the truck driver crashed. As he was hauled off in an ambulance, he gave the chicks to my friend, otherwise they all would have died). She has raised chickens before, so she knew what to do, and she went and got some organic chicken feed and set up a large cage with lights, etc. They have been fed entirely organic since day 1 (there was no food in the boxes, which were labeled "Day Old Chicks - Handle With Care") so eggs from these can be certified organic.

I don't know what kind they are, but they are yellow. There were boxes labeled "girls" and boxes labeled "boys" an unfortunately in the confusion these were all mixed together, so be forewarned, some of them might crow when they get older.

Anyway, there are plenty for you and everyone you know, so let me know if you want any (I'm not ready to raise that many, so I need to find lots of homes for lots of them, quick). I am near the intersection of Glenwood Rd and 2nd Ave in Decatur, 30032.

It says the post was deleted for me too.

Probably white leghorns if they were intended for a commercial farm. Odd the listing was deleted so quick. The story itself is a big red flag IMO. Wonder if it was a scam of some sort.

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