Yellow sack like thing


8 Years
Feb 10, 2011
A few weeks ago, I found a long, filmy-white, sack like thing in my chicken coop. It was filled with yellow stuff that was the color of egg yolk. I didn't think much of it, so I didn't take a picture or anything. Since that time my Easter-egger hasn't laid. She seems to be fine in every other way. She's just not laying. She's the only hen in the coop not laying and there are no roosters. She was laying once a day before that. She isn't molting. Her stool is normal. She has plenty to eat and drink. I'm so baffled. Any help you can give would be appreciated.


The thing you found in the coop is likely what is called a shell-less egg or soft-shelled egg. They happen on occasion and are usually nothing to worry about- just a fluke in the plumbing. EEs can be finicky layers (depending on what breeds went into making the mix). Mine will stop laying about this time of year for a few weeks until the days lengthen. Once we start to get longer days, they go right back to laying every day.

If she has truly stopped laying, then she could be laying internally, but that is something you have no control over, so best not to worry about that unless she starts showing signs of something wrong.

You could add some supplemental lighting to see if you can stimulate her to lay. Chickens like around 14 hours of light/day for optimal laying. I, myself, would just give her some time. I'm guessing she starts up again shortly.

Good luck.
Thanks. I'll not worry.

I do keep a light on in the coop this time of year. I've just never had an EE before, and I miss her green eggs. They are so fun.

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