Yes! Finally! 8 Puppies!

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  1. I woke up this morning to make breakfast early since we have alot to do today. Well, like always, I go and check on all the animals and make sure they have food and water before I start on our own. This time I went into the dining room and sure enough, 8 puppies cuddling next my "beautiful only to a mother's eye" PEARL!
    I yelled and yelled for hubby but he is solid asleep so I ran into the bedroom and basically shoved him off the bed and told him to go look in the diningroom. He did.

    8 beautiful white with black or brown spotted puppies all are looking really good and so is mama.
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    Quote:yeah puppies! what kind are they??? pictures pleaseeee???
  3. Mom is basette hound mix bull terrier. dad is jack russell mix beagle. i will post pictures in a few days. right now we r letting mama rest. 8 puppies arent easy bon a little mama.

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