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Jan 13, 2007
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A few years ago, they built a hundred or so houses in a big subdivision down the road from my grandmas. Before that, it was almond orchards. I hate it, yes, but it wasnt too close so it was ok for now. They had a couple acres across the road free to anyone to use, so my brother and his friends would ride their dirtbikes over there. It was PERFECT, lots of nice space for them. The people knew when they moved into those houses that they were in the country, but they are random city folk. So, last time they went out there, some guy came out of his house yelling at them and called the cops. They had made up a petition and got the whole neighborhood to sign it, and now they cant ride their dirtbikes there! They have a No Trespassing sign up now. It just makes me sick that even the people that live out in the country cant have fun anymore. Its totally sickening. I hate city folk,lol.


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Well, thats always the way it is. They move to the country or the mountains, supposedly because they love it, then proceed to change it into the very place they came from complete with pavement for their precious Cadillacs and SUVs and extremely restrictive covenants againt smells and noise of any kind, except of course, whatever "noise" they deem acceptable, like weedwhackers, etc. We have those idiots here, too. If they like it so much where they came from, they can darn well GO BACK! I just had one of those idiots who lives here part time cut my blackberry patch ON MY OWN PROPERTY because he didn't like it. We are going to have words, let me tell you! That was my food source. Just because he has more money than he knows what to do with and thinks this is his own personal kingdom, sheesh.

***Edited to add: My neighbor has jeeps and ATVs, etc, that they ride around and around on these private roads, especially on holidays. I hate it, but I will not complain as long as they dont gripe about my roosters. Hey, it's the country and I'll try to live and let live. I just wish they wouldn't shoot guns off after dark!
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Mar 25, 2007
Get all them city folks' property taxes to fund a dirtbike/ATV park.

I know when I lived out in the boonies, the one thing that drove most property owners absolutely bonkers was snowmobilers, ATV'ers and, yes, dirt bike riders running over their fences and all the livestock getting out through the broken fence. Or, if they didn't have livestock, wrecking their expensive landscaping, poaching deer close to people's houses, wrecking septic leachfields, poaching fish that they stocked in their own ponds, scaring all the wild turkeys out of November cornfields, wrecking the sod growing in fallow fields...

Sorry, I know you were looking for commiseration. But lots of country folks have just as much reason to hate all that stuff as anyone. Why not start a petition for a dirt bike/ATV park? They did that in one town I lived in--there was a strip of un-buildable land that was nothing but a hideout for drug dealers and other persons of no account, so the city got a grant to turn it into a park area. The park area ended up being a dirt bike/ATV park, a vast improvement to its previous condition.


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We have the same stuff going on here. Just up the road from us they are building and selling 1/4 acre lots with a well for half a million bucks! They drive Lexus, Escalades, Mini Coopers, Cars I don't know what are but look expensive. Everytime we are out doing something (bucking hay, milking, fencing, etc.) they drive by really slow and gawk at us like we're the living version of the Bevery Hillbillies or something!

On the upside of this, I can't keep eggs at my place. These guys pay $4.00 a dozen for my eggs. Its like they are a novelty or something especially the green ones. Everyone wants a tour of the coop. I tell them no, biosecurity.... Blank stares is all I get......


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Feb 3, 2008
This is a touchy subject for me. We bought our house where we did because it was surrounded by state gamelands that have a very small chance of ever being developed and we liked the isolation.

Of course, that means we have to deal with the guys with shotguns wandering through our yard during deer season despite having "posted no trespassing" signs on EVERY TREE. But at least they keep the deer population down.

Then one day, the fox hunt came tearing through our yard. A couple dozen BIG hunting hounds in full cry right under the swingset.

I had two small (my kids are tiny) toddlers one of whom had an irrational fear/hysteria about dogs... I freaked out. My husband freaked out. It was not a good scene. (I was chasing these hounds around my yard with a stick. In hindsight, it was really funny - glad no one had a camcorder)

Eventually, we calmed down enough to talk to the guy running the hunt who promised to call us before the hunt so we could make sure the kids would not be in harms way if the hounds came through our yard (he rarely remembered to and eventually stopped calling us altogether)

But I think I have come to terms with it. You can hear the hounds a mile away and the kids are marginally bigger now and honestly, I really do like to watch the hounds come through and listen to them.

I mean we moved out to the woods to enjoy the lifestyle and the foxhunt is all part of that right?

But now... With the chickens moving in in a month. Aw geeze, now I have to go through the whole emotional rollercoaster all over again and decide if the hunt is cool or a nuisance.

Note that never once did I suggest trying to shut the hunt down or even get them to move to a new area. Mostly, I just wanted advance notice that they would be hunting out here so I could make sure the kids and cats were in the house or up on the deck.


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I know what you mean. People are moving here left and right and changing our way of life to THIER way of life, subdivisions with .14 acres and fancy cars and knocking down trees. If their way of life was so great...then why did they move here????!!!!!


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Apr 16, 2007
I think if we ever met Specked, we'd have a lot in common. We do see eye to eye on a lot of topics.


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We've got quite a different problem here but it yields the same results. The folks around here don't like "outsiders" but jack their property prices so high that locals and country folk can't afford to buy do you figure can afford them? Yep, outsiders! City folks! And then these people complain about the city folks changing everything. They proceed to build very expensive houses that they visit but don't live in and drive the property taxes up on the country folk who live beside them. Then they "visit" their property enough to annoy their neighbors, lease their land to the wind developers (who build huge wind towers) and go back to the city because their cell phones don't get reception and they can't get highspeed internet. Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die....

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