Yesterday was a sucky HS'ing day..Today great!

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    Feb 13, 2011
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    My son was giving me such a hard time yesterday we actually closed up the book and said enough!

    He has severe ADD/slight learning issues soo..he can be hard to anyway; today is much better...

    I LOOVE having the freedom to stop when he cant handle anymore mentally!

    He just finished doing his Latin American Spanish!! He sounded so cute!! LOL...

    He got an 80% which IMO; for him isnt too bad for the VERY FIRST lesson...

    His history we'll do in about 1/2 hr..I try to give him a 1/2 hr break in between lessons so he doesnt burn out..

    today we are only doing Spanish, Spelling & History...He'll watch a historical video on either: Benjamin Franklin, T. Roosevelt or Einstein..not sure which one he'll pick..

    Tomorrow, History, Spanish & English

    His math cd is damaged so they are sending us another one :) so he gets a break from math for about a week...

    some days i JUST LOOOVE HOMESCHOOLING others like yesterday..I wanted to hang him from his toes!!
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    yep. all in the life of homeschooling.
    Keep at it. take a sanity break when you both need it and seize those teachable moments, even if they are out of sync.

    oh, I had to check my spelling. homeschooling puts a lot of pressure on us like that. [​IMG]
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    Quote:hAHAA.. I just had to look at those smileys again! That is EXACTLY how i feel lolol happy; sad, beat him, love him, smack him, hold him, happy, angry, sad, irritated etc...

    etc...etc.. lol...

    he has been "ON" today;

    he has his spelling, Spanish all done; he did his chores (had to do them multiple times due to catching up on laundry/towels), fed the chicks, washed the dog and cleaned his room..
    now...he gets a couple hrs to be done; I'm waiving his history for the day...just because he has been working all day long...and since I'm the teacher, principal and mom..I can do that lol...

    he has Prayer group I want him to have some down time before 6
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    May 2, 2009
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    I am planning on beginning homeschooling after 1st grade [​IMG]

    Momagain1 - If you are on facebook I found a few great pages. My favorite though is "Homeschool for Free" they always have great ideas as well as coupons and freebie offers, etc

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