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    howdy all,

    i was thinking about using a plastic cutting board for the automatic coop door. it's 14h x 11w but it's only 1/4" thick and not very heavy.

    how heavy should the door be to lessen the chances of a predator pushing it up in its track from outside? i have an add-a-motor kit on the way, and i think i read that it is limited to lifting 5 pounds. so if i find something else that's rigid and will not warp with the weather changes, will a 5-pound door withstand the upward pushing of little hands?

    i will have the bottom edge sunk down into a track or groove, so there would be no prying. i just worry about a coon or possum putting paws against outside of door, pushing up and getting it raised far enough to get paws underneath bottom edge.

    basically what did all you auto-door users go with to avoid the scenario described above?


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    The cutting board should work as long as it is tall enough to extend past your opening sufficiently at the top and bottom so no little raccoon hands can get in there easily.

    My door is a solid piece of 3/4" thick wood painted with exterior gloss paint. I have it on a track that was made with two metal drawer glides I took off an old cabinet drawer we were throwing away. I also use the add-a-motor opener. It's worked fine so far and it isn't easy to lift it up as it goes down pretty low past the opening at the bottom.

    Here is a pic of it being installed

    There is a small glimpse of the red door in this picture

    The only thing I don't like about my door is when I want to quickly close it up and open it up again. I have to essentially run a test program and I seem to mess the schedule up every time. Otherwise I love the opener.
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    Could you all share your brand AND cost of motorized door openers.
    I have several chicken/poultry magazines and the prices of those are outrageous!!!
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    I don't own a auto door yet! But was thinking you can use a pulley to reduce the load on the door. That would allow you to add weight, or use a heavier material.
    Also, I think the natural predator paw workings are to push down. If coons can get a finger or paw under, they will lift. But I don't think they will push up on the face of the door.
  6. Quote:Me as well. Just installed it last week. See my thread on here. It's the great way to go. Directions are a little lacking, but great prices and product

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