Yet another "found a pigeon" post


9 Years
May 11, 2010
recently when i was watching a flock of feral pigeons, i noticed one that has a crest on its head and muffs on its feet. it did not have a band, but it was clearly a lost domestic bird. i caught it and brought it home. I have spray for external parasites, but what else should i do to it before i try to integrate it with my other birds?
Just keep it separated for a little bit. And if you have any pigeon antibiotics then treat him. Check him visually for shines of illness and you should be fine.

And how did you catch him? I once found some fantails that someone had, unfortunately for the birds, dropped off on the side of the road. I tried to catch them but when they flew up into a tree I gave up.
its a lot easier to catch them when theres a large group. feed them bits of bread for a while, then when theres a big enough pile of pigeons at your feet, its easy to reach down and grab the one you want. they are usually too buisy fighting for the food to watch what your hands are doing.
i dont know how i would go about catching them in a smaller group especially if they are not tame. thank you for replying!

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