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12 Years
Jul 28, 2010
Ripley, WV
I ordered 2 white barred rocks, 2 buff orphingtons and 1 easter egger -- ALL hens. I'm pretty sure I have 1 EE and 1 buff - both hens. But what are the other 2 and their combs are developing much larger than the 1st 2. All were picked up from the farm store on April 18th so they aren't but maybe 7 weeks old. The 2 I don't know, I think are Long Island Reds. And I am hoping that breed develops combs quicker than other breeds. The tail feathers on all 4 birds are straight up. If not for their heads, you wouldn't know one from the other. I tried to grab a side picture tonight but they were just a bundle of energy and then my phone went dead. Tell me what you think PLEASE --- and THANK YOU in advance.

Here's the little flock:

Here's one of the 2 I don't know - breed or sex. The combs are not as red as they appear here. And the hangy waffly part under the chins aren't much more developed than the other 2 birds.
Looks like you got 2 Production Red Roos! I have one of those, and I don't know what you were trying to say, Did you mean Rhode Island Reds???
Well they are definitely not barred rocks or Buff Orpingtons. They look like Rhode Island Reds to me. I also think that is a type that is sold at feed stores a lot. I wouldn't worry about them being roos yet. I have a Buff Orpington that had combs and waddle that big at that age. Hers is so big now it flops over but, she is 100% girl because, she is a very good egg layer. If someones start crowing you will know. My boys started practicing rooing at about 3 months.

Good luck,
Yes, I meant to say Rhode Island Reds. Hum..... wonder what I did say?! I'm really not that ignorant... or maybe I am:/

Any case, I was wondering when the crowing started. I don't want roos. I don't plan to be awaken during the night or early in the AM - hence the auto pop door...

These birds were suppose to be in a mixed order for the store but specific order for me from one of the hatcheries. I can't remember which one. Is there a hatchery that has the word "Crack" in it? Don't answer - doesn't matter. I didn't order for myself directly from the hatchery because delivery wasn't coming until June and I wanted the chicks for my niece to enjoy for Easter. Rhode Islands are good and fine with me but only if they are hens. I keep watching the tails..... like I said, all 4 chicks the same -- straight up. So I'm hoping....for all girls....

Thanks for all the comments!
You said Long Island Reds
and they could've started making rooy noises before this. My production red chick (5 1/2 weeks) makes akward sounds when I try to pick him up, its sort of a Choking sound, like "Bugguck"

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