Yet another pullet or cockerel thread


8 Years
Oct 11, 2011
Southern California
Hello all I have what I believe to be a small cockerel but I wanted a more experienced eye to confirm this belief. This chick is an approx 12 or 13 week old Dominique with a growth disorder and is pretty small still for is age.

Ok, I'm having one hell of a time uploading this video so I can link it to here so once again I'm failing. Feel free to skip over this but since I have no access to an actual computer right now I'd need you guys to go to YouTube, search for the channel matt-computer-nerd and look up the video possible roo. *i really wish I was more technologically smart*
Hard to tell from the video.. I couldn't even tell if it was a single comb or not.
Where did you get him?

If he was pure dom, the males would have lighter barring.
Info: I got the hick from a local breeder so honestly I have no idea of its purebred or not, he breeds hundreds of chickens. I notices the barring was dim but at the same time the comb and wattles are very red and it just seems to act like a roo, like that means anything lol.
For those who can't find the video...

From the looks of it, the comb is really red... Since it has a growth disorder, I'm not positive. Would it be possible to get a picture instead of a video? It would be easier to tell whether it's a male or female.
You could email them to yourself and then upload them from your computer right here to your BYC uploads (in the blue bar at the top of the page). I know of a few folks on here who do that.

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