Yet another question about cold weather and chicks

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Felicitas, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. It's supposed to get down to around 34F tonight. I have my 3-week-olds outside in the coop in their brooder with a 250-watt heat lamp over them, and a 150-watt lamp for the 6-week-olds. Is that enough or should I bring the little ones inside?
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    a thermometer out there under the light and see if your temps are getting up to the right levels. Sounds cold... but if you've always had them out there- then they'll probably be fine. A little extra shavings for warmth would be good.
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    They'll tell you if they need to come inside. If they are chirping loud and piling on each other then it is too cold. Mine are in the brooder with two heat lamps on each end and I cover it with a tarp. They were out there when it was near 10. They are doing great.
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    How many chickies do you have? Do you have a thermomiter in the brooder? How well insulater is the coop against drafts etc.? In my opinion, if there is enough room for all of the chicks to get under the light and the temp is 90 to 95 degrees they will be fine. Yhey will huddle under the light and the fact they are bunched together and the warmth supplied by the lamp they will stay warm. Chris [​IMG]
  5. There are 18 6-week-olds and 13 3-week-olds. The younger ones are huddled together closely, but not chirping or piling on each other. I added one more 150-watt lamp just for insurance and put a thermometer out there which I will check before I go to bed.

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