Yet another USPS rant


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Feb 18, 2009
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I finally made my first shipment of eggs to a BYC member about 5 hours away from me. Normally, I won't use USPS and try to handle everything electronically or by shipping with UPS or FedEx. In the past few years, it seems that the higher the price goes, to worse the service is. However, this time I figured it was so close, in the same state, how could they screw that up. Oh, but I was wrong. I shipped via Priority and USPS website said it would take 2 days. Now I realize there's no guarantee, but since that's what they advertise, one would think they would know what they're talking about. That would be like someone advertising 6+ eggs and then sending only 6 and using the excuse that there was no guarantee and the buyer should have paid for the extra white glove treatment. So it's now day 4 and I can't track the package because the little podunk postal station I took it to didn't scan it. How convenient. When I asked "Aren't you supposed to scan it", the clerk answered that "Yeah, sometimes we do and sometimes we don't". This postage was paid for online and the box was handed to a clerk. So why would someone pay for an extra service that the vendor only sometimes fulfills? Day 4 may not seem like too long, but I sent 6 eggs from a single hen, so they're at 10+ days now. I really wanted my first egg shipment to go well. Would anyone recommend shipping eggs via UPS?


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I've paid for Del Conf and had them just not scan. I got my money back every time. I insisted. You know what they call it when someone is charged for a service the company never intends to provide, right? Fraud. Now, usually, they do well with the scanning, but when they don't scan it to begin with, you are due a refund. My local P.O. is fabulous; they really care about their work and do a great job for their customers, but some are just not like that and have very apathetic employees.

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