Yikes...just been told bantam eggs are hard to hatch?True? False?


9 Years
Feb 15, 2010
Am excited to get my bantam eggs in the mail tomorrow.

A local farmer told me he can't get his bantam eggs to hatch but his regular chicken eggs hatch fine. He also said that they are too small to turn properly in the egg turner. I plan to hatch pheasant eggs in the turner. Perhaps his eggs just aren't fertile? Should I get a smaller rack?
Get a pheasant size turner and you'll do fine. My Serama eggs all hatched and they're supposed to be a tricky breed! Good luck!
Never had trouble with any of my bantams when I used a Styrofoam bator.. even hatched pheasants. Now that I have a big bator... I wish I had trouble every now and then......... chicks everywhere !!!
Bantam eggs are best hatched under a natural incubator........a broody hen like a Silkie or Cochin.
No problems here. I have bantam eggs hatching right now that were 2 and half weeks old when put them in the incubator.
I've never had any problems, they fit just fine in the turner, it's button quail eggs that don't. As for hatching, they hatch just as well as the LF eggs I hatch.

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