Yogurt, for Walking In?!?


Nov 30, 2018
Lakeside, OR
In chatting with the guy that's going to build our new coop, he mentioned putting yogurt in a low pan and letting the chickens run through it. He said they can eat it too but that running through it will protect them from fungal infections of the feet. We live on the Oregon coast so wet conditions are something we're trying to design to avoid as much as possible but protecting the birds from fungal issues caught my attention. This is our first chicken adventure so I'm interested in what some more experienced folks have to say.

I've read that lots of people give their chickens yogurt to eat, but what about as a foot bath? :lol:

Duck Hill

Jun 17, 2015
South Carolina
Wow! What a strange idea! I have kept yogurt for extended time in my refrigerator. When not opened, it lasts a very long time past the due date. However, if opened, it quickly grows mold, because the milk in it is a great food for all sorts of organisms. So... while the yogurt may well have beneficial effects on their feet, I don't know that I would trust an open container of yogurt for an extended time, especially when it's going to get dirty.

I am interested in the idea, but I would imagine it would be preferrable to keep the yogurt in the refrigerator and just dip their feet once or twice a day?
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