Yogurt/Sand/Heat Question...sorry...still learning! ;)


9 Years
Feb 22, 2010
Plant City, FL.
K, yogurt? What kind...plain any brand? Sand...normal white? Heat...there thermometer is reading around 93ish..I know they "say" 95 but they seem quite content...and go all around and actually don't "sit" in front of the lamp? Is this OK???? Thanks so much!!!
Yogurt - I use plain. I've heard of others offering flavored.

Sand - are you talking about for grit? If all they are eating is chick starter right now, they don't need grit. As they grow bigger, they will need grit that is larger and larger. I would go with a course sand.

Heat - rule of thumb is "if they are huddling under the heat, they're too cold; if they're getting as far from it as possible, they're too hot; if they're moving around freely, its just right. Sounds like yours are happy right now.

awesome! that'll do! i think there happy *so far*
thanks so much!!!

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