You want feedback? Here it is!


The Crazy Chicken Lady
Apr 22, 2008
upstate SC
Thank you for upgrading, updating or changing whatever you changed on here this past week. My server now loves BYC again and I have a much easier time doing the things I like to do on BYC!
It does not have to look fancy but I do like it when I can quickly add photos, correct spelling and paste type. So far things are running much smoother for me on here and I am happy with BYC once again. For the past 18 months my server was not cooperating so well with your program and I had slowed down use on here. But we are off and running again!
Thanks for the feedback! We work very hard to try to make everything work for everyone all the time, but that's kinda like trying to find a perfect dinner to serve 200,000 people that all of them will like. There's just an infinite number of opperating systems, browsers, versions, plugins, etc. that make the job very tricky!
I will chime in here as well! I was having lots of trouble a few months ago with Chrome, the browser that is supposed to play nice with BYC, :), and was forced to use IE due to blue screen BYC pages with Chrome. (Firefox was useless as well during this time.) But all has returned to it's happy state and Chrome is once again getting along well with BYC!

Thanks for all you do behind the scenes!

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