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7 Years
Mar 8, 2014
Western PA
My babies are 3 weeks old today and growing fast! As a first time chicken owner I'm astonished at how big my girls have gotten already. They are losing their fluff and growing their feathers! When I first got them I didn't think I would like them as much once they started developing feathers (lets face it, nothings more adorable than a freshly hatched fuzzy baby chick) but I think I love them even more! Their awkwardness is too cute!

I've been trying to work with them a little everyday so they get used to me. Some days are better than others. They're still a little spooked at times, (especially when I try to pick them up to clean their brooder) while other times they'll eat from my hand, crawl on my arm, etc.

Is their any easy way to get them to be comfortable with me? Any thoughts and suggestions are welcomed!

And of course, here are some pictures :)

I would love to follow this thread because I need some advice on this as well. My chicks are...well....chickens! They are scared of everything! I try to handle them daily so they get used to me but so far nothing! I stick my hand and and they run to the corner and hide. They won't even feed out of my hand. How did you get them to do that?
I've been doing it for the past 3 weeks since I got them and they just started doing it this past week! I usually take them wheat grass or something green, a treat, just anything but their feed since they're so used to it. It took a few of them to get curious before they all started eating out of my hand. I think they just didn't recognize what I was giving them before, and now they know that I bring them something yummy! How old are your chicks?
I honestly think it's just an age thing. Keep doing what your doing and they should come around! Like I said, mine just started to this past week. So far i've given them a ton of wheatgrass, some herbs from my indoor garden, hardboiled eggs (mashed up), pulp from my juicer and a few worms the other day after it rained (they freaked over the worms, loved them!). I've been cutting everything up into little bits so far so its easy to digest. Also if you're feeding them anything other than their starter feed you'll need to give them a little grit if you haven't already. Mine love grit almost as much as the treats I feed them.

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