Young bantam rooster bullied by standard sized hens. When is he gonna rooster up?

Miss Chuckles

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9 Years
Jun 2, 2010
I recently acquired a young bantam rooster - I think he's about 9 months old. He's only just started crowing and filling out to what I assume will be his full size (I'm new to bantams). He's 1 of 7 and the rest of the flock is standard sized hens, a variety of ages and breeds. Right now he's at the very bottom of the pecking order but is pretty good at bobbing and weaving out of the way. Due to his size, will he always be the underdog? Will he ever be top chicken? He hasn't even attempted to breed with any of the girls, will it happen?
we have 3 bantam roosters it took about 2months before they settled into life with the bigger chickens. As far as pecking order they seem to be somewhere in the middle with my leghorn at the top. If there is one chicken thats picking on your bantam I'd pin the one up for a week and let the pecking order redue itself and then add in the trouble maker. It may make your bantam's order different. Good luck and God bless

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