Young call duck not waterproof!


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Mar 19, 2014
Hello everyone. It's been a while since I have posted anything but I've mostly been reading. I have 9, 5 month old (they look full grown) call ducks. I also have 8 that are all over a year old-One of my older hens hatched the newer 9 this past July. All are healthy and rambunctious, except one little guy. At first we thought it was a hen because of coloring but now we are certain it's a drake. This poor guy has wet feathers... And has also been sick with bronchitis type symptoms, which we think was from being wet then the temps here dropped. I've read anything and everything I can here and elsewhere about wet feather, but we are trying to clear up his respiratory issues first. I've brought him in the house and he's now living in our spare bath tub. The last 2 days, I've tried putting a cat litter box with just a few inches of water and he simply has no interest and peddles away from the water just as fast as his little orange feet will take him... I truly hope I'm on the right track on getting him well. Any suggestions are welcome... This is a photo of him soaking wet from yesterday just before I brought him inside, dried him off and plopped him into the tub. Thanks all!
Are you sure he's not a silkie duck? It's too hard for me to tell in the pic

Silkie ducks have silkied feathers and can't shed water like regular calls and normal feathers. They get waterlogged and soggy much easier so need to be kept where they can find shelter in wet weather

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