young chicksn with drooping neck


May 24, 2022
Hello, I just checked on my young flock and I found my 6-7 week old Dominique chicken with a drooping neck, feathers fluffed out, lethargic, green & white poop. She just went again and it was liquidy. The heat index in Georgia where I live is extremely hot, but all the other chickens are fine, only one had her mouth opened. They’re located in a shaded area by trees and the run is also covered. I put corid in the water right away just in case but I’m trying to think what else to do. If it’s heat stress related what can I do? or wry neck? Vitamins, electrolyte water?


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If you can get her drinking some water with a little sugar in it, try to get her hydrated. Dip her beak often. If you have Corid, give her 0.2 ml orally of the undiluted Corid. If you have powder Corid, mix 1.5 tsp in 10 ml of water, and give the same 0.2 ml orally today and tomorrow. While treating with Corid for possible coccidiosis, don’t use thiamine or vitamin B1.

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