young isa brown- hallucinating?


8 Years
Jul 16, 2011
Can hens hallucinate? she was a chick in the spring and has been doing fine. yesterday she didn't drink or eat when i brought out morning supplies. she was acting odd. My chicken don't let me touch them but i started to stroke her and got no response so i picked her up and put she in a small seperate cage and got her to drink and eat some. she napped on and off all day. She also has (i'm not sure how to describe it) floating head, it is always drifting, and like she can't see. By late afternoon she seemed fine so i tried to return her to the group and the older 2 hens started to pick on her, she is back in the small cage and pecking at nothing and still acting odd???? any thoughts???? I looked around on the threads, being new i don't think i am utilizing the sight the right way.sorry!
Is she laying yet? If so, you need to make sure she has been laying regularly. She could be eggbound. Has she been sneezing or coughing? Does she have any discharge from her beak? Use the search feature on the upper right side of your screen. Type in the symptoms, (lethargy, not eating, etc) and see what you pull up). I would keep her separate from the other chickens. They can ofter gang up on sick chickens and can hurt and/or kill them.
Thank you for your reply! the 3 new ones have not started laying yet

How do i describe my symptoms like i said she seems like she is halluncinating and she has running poop
how do i post a picture? It is in my uploads but that is as far as i can get it? she looks healthy
ok she looks pretty good from that angle. also if possible get a pic of her poop or you can google it yourself and see what kinda poop she may have I think theres a post somewhere on byc or on another site that had a bunch of pics and possible problems that could be connected to it
I think she is blind!!! or loosing her vision, could this be and how to keep her healthy?

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