Young mixed ages


5 Years
Sep 12, 2014
Wayland, MI
We currently have two batches of birdies. Batch 1 - 2 golden campines, goldy and bella (8wks) & 1 mutt, chirp (6 wks). Batch 2 - 2 isa brown, amber and autumn (2 wks).
We wanted both batches to get some grass time, not just older ones. So we tried mixing them in dog crate outside (Our coop is done but not the run).
They stayed in their own groups but no fighting. Until we gave them raisins, it was hilarious the little ones had no problem stealing them. All was well for many hours so we went inside for dinner. Came back out to get them and it had gotten pretty chilly. We found the 2 small ones under the largest 8 wk old (goldy) keeping warm. When we took them goldy actually tried to cover them more, had a fit when we took them.
Just thought I'd share, it was really neat for us newbs

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