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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by RofiosChix, Oct 27, 2014.

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    I have a single young muscovy, not sure how old he/she is, have it in a cage under a light safe and secure in my garage. Long story how I came about it, lets just say if you've ever seen the movie Chicken Run, it is kind of a story like that, anyway I have given it refuge.

    Am reading some things online that says they should not be raised alone. Not sure if or how to get a single muscovy chick....not sure how old this little darling is, still yellow fluff, some tail feathers seem to be coming out....

    I do have other hens (duckling quarantined at the moment) and had a full-grown muscovy
    (another chicken run story) at one time in the past that lived quite happily with the chickens...

    I've never raised a duckling before, if anyone has an words of wisdom or suggestions sure would appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance
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    Welcome!! here is some great info..

    I have Muscovy's and say thank you for saving this lil ones life. They do much better if they have a duck companion but until you can get her one or introduce her to your chickens and she needs to be quite a bit older and larger before you do that. you can try putting a non breakable mirror in with her so she can see herself. On nice warm days take her outside and let her meet your chickens from the safety of your protection, and the chickens meet her, Adult chickens have been known to kill ducklings so don't let her alone with them, but gradually get them all use to each other and hopefully when the time comes she'll be accepted into their flock. around 12 weeks she should be old enough to handle anyone picking on her. But i would still do supervision until you feel confident she has been accepted.

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