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    Jun 2, 2013
    I have 12 adult girls and 16 girls that are 9 weeks old. The babies are in the yard but separated from the older girls but they can all see each other.

    Today when I came home from work one of the babies was out of her area (no idea how) and with the big girls. The big girls didn't seem to pay her any mind at all. But I have read where they need to be much much older to be put together.

    What is some of your thoughts on this.
    By the way their yard is very very big and enclosed on the top to keep hawks etc out.
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    Apr 3, 2014
    I have 2 5 week old chicks with my 4 other 15 week olds and they are fine as long as you have little hiding places in the coop and run.
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    Since there are so many of the younger ones it might work if you have plenty of space and hiding places for them. I'd also put up an extra feeding and watering station. They may not "mingle" as such, but if you have enough room for the two flocks to live together, you could give it a try. Maybe at a time when you can be out there to observe for awhile. There will be some pecking and chasing to establish pecking order. Don't be surprised by that. They need to work it out, though, so unless there are major attacks where one is being pinned down or blood has been drawn, I'd let them be.
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    I have 3 chicks from early summer hatch, that are 8 weeks old, they are in a separate pen from the big hens. One of the big hens likes to fly over into the baby pen, but she does not bother the chicks. I just can't let the little ones out with the other yet, they are still to small.

    Am now waiting to see if their Momma has gone broody again, she has been acting like it for almost a week now. She was doing a major stare down with one of the hens who happen to get on the eggs while she was away. A few minutes later, intruder hen ran squawking away from the nest.
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    I have introduced little ones to my big girls time and time again. Usually, I have found that my little ones cling to the girl lowest on the totem pole, and treat her like "mom", and even if she doesn't return the sentiment, she doesn't pick on them, and by the simple act of her presence, the other girls tend to leave them alone. Occasionally, I have even had one of my big girls defend the little ones against the rest of the girls. I have also found that introducing a big group of little ones works very well. I say put them together, and see what happens. As a previous poster said, no need to step in unless the squabble gets serious. How long have the little ones been within sight of the big girls? I usually let the newbies hang out in a "look but don't touch" pen in the middle of the coop for about a week before I do introductions.
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