Young polish chick stopped eating and pooping


Dec 6, 2015

We've started to raise our own chicks which has proved to be quite a handful. We raised them from eggs and they have been doing really well. Recently we had a Coccidiosis outbreak as summer has just started here in Australia and two of our chicks died before we could identify and start medicating them. After we got them some amprolium they were perfectly fine.

However recently a chick in the group has shown signs of listlessness and has stopped eating and pooping. I smelt her mouth for 'sour crop' and she does have a beer-ish scent. I tried to induce vomiting by massaging the crop and holding her towards the ground and while she seemed to be relaxed about the whole occasion she didn't vomit at all, 10 minutes of crop massaging.

I've separated her from the rest and she's in a box with a little bit of yogurt and apple vinegar water. She's been showing these signs for two days now and doesn't seem to be improving. What do you recommend?
How old is she? 6 weeks
Is she the only polish chick in the group? She is 1 of 10, all the others are healthy.
Is she on chick crumb? Yes, mixed with some chopped vegetables (lettuce, carrot, rice, spinach, yogurt, scrambled egg)
How fine is your food? It's a fine sandy chick starter mix that is medicated for the usual chick related illnesses.
Have you checked for pasty butt? Her chute looks clean and clear. I'm not a expert on appearance but it's a light pink with moisture and no signs of infection or mess.

She did manage 3 poops by this evening. They were all lumpy looking with a dark green/brown tinge, not much moisture.

She hasn't eaten anything solid for the past 24 hours.

I've been checking and massaging her crop because I heard they can get blocked. I can feel some grainy stuff in there but it also feels bloaty and airy at the same time.

She spent most of the day standing asleep.
Is she a quiet one of the group? Could the others be bullying her? How big is her crest right now? Can she see the food and water ok?
Have you given any vitamins to her? Polyvisol (non iron) or rooster booster could help. Depending where you are will depend on what is available. Have you tried hand watering her? Have you tried her with some scrambled eggs or tuna? This can tempt them in to eating.

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