Young pullet not standing and listless


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Sep 12, 2008
I recently purchased several girls from an auction. I have 4 cornish pullets. One of these young ladies is very weak-legged. When I placed her in the pen for her 1st night she "crawled" ( best way to describe her moving) to a corner and hid. When I picked her up to check on her later she was not very happy she sqawked loudly like she was sore. I separated her from others but she still moves very little. She does eat and drink and will respond when i stroke her a little bit. Her poo is a greenish color. She sleeps at night and some during the day , but when she hears other chickens walking under her she tends to perk up. ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!
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Greenish color usually indicates that they are not eating. Make sure you quarentine these from any of your birds for at least a month. Cornish... are they standard types or the white meat types? The meat types are prone to leg problems as they are intended for the dinner table at 8 weeks old.
She WAS of the meat variety of chicken. She died sometime yesterday while I was at school. When I buried her the abdomen area had either begun to decompose or there was an internal problem, it had a black color. I wish we had a vet here that would work on poultry.

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