Young pullets and Older rooster


Jun 13, 2020
🤔 huh, I’ve got an old old rooster, like 8ish? He chases off/pecks at the younger not full grown pullets (like pecking order stuff) and doesn’t want much to do with them. But boy, when some got POL, he was courting up a storm. I wish he wouldn’t pull rank on the young ones, but I guess it makes sense! Even the young ~6mo old cockerel doesn’t seem to mount the smaller pullets, at least that I’ve witnessed. He definitely tries, but only with the girls maybe slightly smaller or the big girls (he’s a very small standard - a Mosaic; didn’t realize mosaics are so small!!)

As far as processing a 1year old, yes, let rest at least 2-3 days in the fridge before cooking or freezing. It’s for letting rigor Mortis pass and if you can do longer to help some break down of tough fibers (like beef ages for weeks). At least a minimum until you can bend the joints easily.

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