Your Designs For Cold Weather Covered Runs?


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Mar 26, 2010
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My Coop
My husband and I are going to design and extra winter open air, covered run, rounded that will let our girls have more dry, open space. We need it to withstand wind, rain and snow (increasing in Boise). Anyoe have any similar things they've built, with photos?

here's something similar-

I would use a heavier weight plastic here

They called it their "sunroom"
I think we decided at keep the same shape/lines as the coop and run to the end of the fence. Then we can pull down in the srping for the garden. Please post any ideas you have though- I'd love to see them!!!
Here is what I came up with. I used 1" pvc and a heavy duty two sided tarp. I'm not quite finished closing it in but that will be done this weekend.

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With fall coming soon, does anyone have any more ideas? We only have 3 hens, but need more leg room. The trend has been more snow each winter. PLEASE post pics if you can
I got my chicks from a breeder who has tarp-covered hoop tractors that would be great for your needs. He has step by step photos on his website: (they are potters as well as chicken people) and it looks like you could build one in a day or so with very little effort. Here's the coop page:
considered making a coop like this for my hens but decided I needed something more neighbor-friendly for our very visible back yard.
Good luck!
nice looking welsummers he has. looks nice now but the stuff he is making will look like crap not long after those pics are taken. the clear thick platic works great, special if u can open it back up in the srping summer and fall so they ain't hot
We built our run with winter snow in mind, as well as predator proof. We decided to make the roof sloped, and we covered it with hardware cloth. The we found a place that sells overstock metal roofing panels that have minor scratches or dents at a reduced cost. We haven't put the metal panels on yet, but when we do, we expect the snow will slide off, and it can bear the weight if it doesn't. (Having the boards around the sides is also to reduce snow drifting as well as predators being tempted to try to get through the base.) This will also help keep it from getting too soggy from the rain. We should have the roof panels up in about a week, and we'll be testing it out this winter!

Three sides and top covered with a tarp. Yup, it's that simple; protection from prevailing wind and snow. The door is left open for them to exercise around the shoveled pathways on those balmy, sun filled days.

Here their anxiously awaiting me to finally shovel out the paths after a nor'easter:

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