your experiences with Brahma roosters?


11 Years
Sep 16, 2010

I'm thinking of adding a rooster to my flock. I'm considering Brahmas because from my research it looks like they fit most of my requirements:

- docile
- not too loud
- heavy breed - I would like to raise some for meat

I'd really appreciate your thoughts on this breed, or any input on other breeds that would fit the above.

I have three Light Brahma pullets, 19 weeks old. In my very limited experience they are the largest, most vocal of my 4 breeds, not as affectionate as my Orps or Rocks, much more sensitive to heat (but I'm assuming conversely great in cold). They're slow maturing, but one of mine was the first of my hens to squat. No eggs yet, though. No experience with the roos. $0.02.
I don't have any pure Brahma roos, but I do have a roo that is half Brahma (roo) and half RSL (hen). I think your objective was to have a pure Brahma roo then get half Brahma chicks for use from your egg laying hens? I have a mixed flock and the Brahmas are one of my 2 favorite breeds. The older one was the first out of her cohort to lay (around 22 weeks) and my latest is about 23 weeks and not laying yet. Both are fairly quiet and very friendly and easy to handle.

Back to the roo, Butters. He is 17 weeks now and has been crowing since 2 months old. He is relatively quiet--crows for an hour or two in the mornings then sporadically a few crows during the day, mostly when it gets overcast. So far he is calm and respectful and is starting to court the ladies and mounting the most submissive one. The older girls really want to have nothing to do with him yet. I am guessing he weighs about 7 lbs give or take now and is still growing. I think he weighed about 4 lbs at 12 weeks if that is when you would process your meat birds from him. He did fill out pretty quickly. I think your plan in pretty sound. Here's a pic:
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I love my Brahma roos! Once they get past the teenage stage, they are very protective of their girls and very regal-looking. I don't think they would be good for meat since they are a slow-growing breed and take more than a year to reach full maturity.

Temperament of my guys is great, very laid back. One problem is they are so big they tend to hurt smaller hens when mounting them. My girls are usually good at giving me eggs regularly, but I do have a couple that always seem to be broody.

Sampson, not yet full grown but huge!

Rocky, my first Brahma boy, still the main man at 4 years old.

Gizmo, my blue partridge, RIP. His children and grandchildren live on!
Hi GoChick. I'm new to all this but only have buff brahmas. Right now I have three cockerels; one with the hens. The dominant one is the only one who crows regularly and he does about half an hour, three or four times a day. The ones left are large, diligent, very pretty, and aloof. They free range within a 4' fence and have never tried to get out.

The first bird that went dominant started biting so he's now in the freezer with a bunch of his brothers. I suggest you cull such traits because the one now in control has never bitten. Timing seems critical when harvesting. I processed a few too soon because of newbie anxiety and they had undeveloped breasts. They are delicious and make great soup and stock, though. The second batch was more developed a couple of weeke later. They seemed to go through a growth phase just before maturity. The third batch was large and mature but I don't know yet how tough they are. The two left will be full adults when processed.

They are not cost effective meat birds. They ate a lot, even free ranging. I kept good harvest records and will probably be better at this next year when I order another straight run batch of chicks. I'm very happy I chose brahmas for my flock.
I am on my first flock (now 21 weeks old). I recieved 28 chicks (supposed to be pullets) of 5 breeds and got 3 roos (all dark brahmas). They are beautiful and while they are not over friendly, they don't run away from me either and are not aggressive at all. One will happily sit on your lap if you pick him up and coax him into it. This could probably be said of many different breeds of roos though. The current dominant roo started mating the hens a few weeks ago... a lot... but he only just started crowing. He has a deep voice and is very pleasant to hear. He crows in the morning and then everytime a hen lays an egg (funny right? as if he is responsible for it or something). I agree with the other poster that said they seem to injure the smaller hens. I have 5 faverolles in this flock and they run for their lives when the roos come around. I suppose if you had all very large birds this wouldn't be an issue. At 21 weeks they still have very little in the way of breast muscle, so they must fill out pretty slowly. They also eat a lot of food and are so-so foragers. We will be rehoming or processing at least one of them, too many roos for 24 hens (we lost one).
Thanks for all the input - beautiful pictures! I want a Brahma rooster... but on the other hand, if they're slow maturing, I guess I need to research some more...

I love BYC and all you nice folks who help with so much info!

This thread just caught my eye. My signature says it all. LOVE LOVE LOVE my brahmas and sorely miss my big brahma roo Thor.

My DH, claims to hate chickens, has mentioned more than once that he would have preferred I stuck with the brahmas and not dabbled in the other breeds I have now.

Big lovable brahmas are carefree. Nothing upsets my brahma flock. They sail right through winter and do well in our hot humid summers too.


Hi Gritstar,

Funny! I saw your post on another thread and was trying to figure out how to contact you!

I have one Brahma pullet, and she's adorable. I then showed my husband ( who didn't want chickens in the first place) a picture of your roo from the other thread and he said he'd be OK with having a dark Brahma roo!

I see you also have Faverolles, I have one SF who is also a very sweet girl. Do you have any experience with SF roos? Now I'm torn between a Dark Brahma and a Salmon Fav roo...

Your rooster is just beautiful!

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