your experiences with Brahma roosters?

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    Jun 15, 2011
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    One more story about how docile Brahmas can be...

    My SLW cockeral went off to the feed store today - he started crowing and I can't have that in my neighborhood; I don't want any complaints...

    So, now Buffzilla is the #1 rooster, I'm assuming. He took to it by mounting my only laying hen right in front of me, by force! Then she told him off, ha ha.

    Well, anyway, a little while later I notice my 4-lb Indian Runner drake is going after something in the bushes - he was chasing my 8-lb Buff Brahma cockeral around the run. [​IMG] 'Zilla ran into the chain link coop and in one of the cages...Daddy paced up and down in front of the coop for a while, then went back to his girls. 5 min later, Daddy goes into the coop, jumps in the cage and chases 'Zilla out of the cage and coop, and into the bamboo. You should have seen Zilla run out of there! [​IMG] Later, I saw Daddy had him trapped under my chicken watching chair... [​IMG] Some big man rooster...

    I don't know what it is those ducks have on the chickens, but they can chase them off of anything.
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    Sep 16, 2010

    Kind of reminds me of my 98 lb dog being shooed away from his food bowl by my little Australorp!
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    I have an aggressive Light Brahma rooster. He only allows me to pet him and be around him. At first I though it was men only that he attacked but no he attacks my MIL, her sister and our female peacock. He is housed separate from other chickens. He is a chick purchased from Ideal poultry. Very pretty rooster and very large and one year old. If it means anything he never use to be like this, this behavior started like six months ago.
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    Mar 11, 2011
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    Quote:I am jumping into this thread late but.....

    Our first chickens are light brahmas, we ended up up with three cockerels. 20 weeks yesterday. They are huge.

    So far, no aggression toward humans but the neighbors guineas is another story. Commander Brahma took on all three over a few handfuls of scratch. He is boss roo when he's interested.

    Commander finally crowed earlier this week. Doing my normal routine at 6 am, in the dark, leaning over the scratch bin (being alert for snakes and other critters), He got me good!! Has not crowed since. I am sure that he and his brothers set me up.

    I like the Brahmas a lot.

    They seem to be a bit independent and will separate themselves from the others which made me nervous when they were free ranging. And no they are not as friendly as our BOs.

    Sadly, somebody will have to go soon. I hate this part.
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    Apr 25, 2011
    Quote:Sorry that you had to get rid of TJ, Thor's son. Did your rehome or dispatch him ? Am hoping your new Polish rooster will work out they are hoot, and he won't be too much bigger than the other hens he is with.

    TJ was dispatched. Rowdy and Cash went to a new home. There was just too much chaos going on with all those teenage hormones.

    I will be keeping one of the bantam cochin cockerels out of the soon to hatch eggs. I don't think I can depend on the polish roo "Ozzy" to protect the flock.

    Sorry you had to dispatch TJ, and I hope Cash and Rowdy are repaying your efforts to find them a home and are being good roosters protecting the flock and not attacking anyone. Do you still have Impy or did he get eaten finally too ?
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    Oct 16, 2009
    I'm late on this thread, but have had quite a lot of Brahma roosters. Generally not too noisy, very large , a bit lazy and lovely. I lost two of my biggest and best recently (both weighing over a stone)....Whitey and Darky.



    They got on fine together and never fought.

    They were not overly demanding on the girls, though their offspring are quite numerous.

    By contrast, Twp (Welsh for stupid....he always got lost as a chick) is never aggressive, but is a complete sex machine......I regularly manually pull him off the back of any and everything.


    Lovely with people and generally a very good 'mini flock' keeper.

    My latest, Artemis....son of Twp with a Dark Brahma hen is showing promise of being a very sweet bird. Shown here as a chick, but now showing some lovely pencilling and saddle feathers.


    However....and there is a big who they mate with! Crossed with a Naked Neck they can give the huge, game bird appearance of this 'charmer'

  7. GoChick

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    Sep 16, 2010
    Hi pgpoultry,

    Thanks for posting! You made me laugh!
    I got a 20 weeks old Dark Brahma cockerel yesterday. I'll make sure he won't mate any Naked Neck! On the other hand... Yours is so funny looking, it is kind of cute! Artemis is beautiful! I wonder how a cross of the Dark Brahma with one of my SL Wyandottes would look...
  8. pgpoultry

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    Oct 16, 2009
    Wales'll never know unless you try....unless someone can post a pic.

    Gordon, the NN X Brahma is quite a talking point....along the lines of What the *$%& is THAT!

    But generally Brahma, a good choice.
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    If Pg is showing off their trahmas then I get to show off Sally again. She's daughter of one of my buff brahma hens and my late turken rooster.


    She's going to be huge full grown. She laid two small eggs and then big round ones and is a good layer. I do need to get some new pics of her. She's nearly twice the size of her pure turken "sister" now.
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    Oct 1, 2008
    She kinda looks like Donald Trump!

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