"You're not 20 anymore" anybody else get told that...... rather often?

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    Ok so last Friday evening I was hanging out laundry in the dark (doesn't everybody? - it was dark because by the time I got home and did farm chores the sun was down). So anyway I slipped and twisted my lower back, Friday night it was hurting, Saturday morning it was hurting worse. If something doesn't hurt on me makes me wonder if i'm still alive when I wake up. Anyway..... Saturdays chores involved taking feed over to the poultry pens via wheelbarrow, it was only about 18-ish 50 pound bags. then cut and split some fire wood for the week. Never did it occur to me that I might have wanted to rethink that on an already sore back. Saturday night my back starts to stiffen and really hurt - thats what they make a heating pad and advil for right? Sunday it was hard to get out of bed and eating pain pills like M & M's. Two days later my back still hurts but I can sleep mostly thru the night if I don't move the wrong way and people have commented i'm walking funny. LOL Sharon says "you're not 20 anymore, you can't do like you used to" I say i'm not 50 either (2 years to go) so I should be able to right?

    Then there was the time I cut down about 8 oak trees and tried to cut into fire wood all in one weekend - I wasn't 20 then either, I was sore on that one

    I got the smart idea to repaint all the out buildings with a paint brush one weekend - wasn't 20 then again - took about a week to lift my arms over my head

    Why can't I be 20 again????? I have things to do. [​IMG]

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    [​IMG] poor slightly ancient person!!!!
    Hey, im already going gray and having back problems. Whats going to happen when IM 48, i wonder?
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    Oct 2, 2008
    Hubby lamented that none of his friends wanted to hang around drinking beer and blasting rock n' roll anymore and they all go to bed by 9. I looked at him and said "You know you are 47 now, right?"

  4. danischi24

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    Aug 17, 2008
    Hate to let ya down but it's not the age buddy, it's the fitness & health. I'm a lot closer to 20 than 50 & I have trouble walking around the block due to old injuries causing back/leg pain. I'm not even overweight.
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    You're not 20 anymore... do you have kids? If so, they should be making sure you don't hurt yourself. My brother and I have made sure my dad doesn't do things like he was younger. He hurt his back once trying to loosen a bolt off a car door a few years ago. He just turned 68 so since we are in our early 20's, we should be the ones doing things like we're 20. Oh crud... I'm leaving the early 20's soon...

    Back pain is nothing to mess with, take care of yourself!
  6. TriciaHowe

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    I hear ya! My hubby isn't even 40 yet and has already had both wrists operated on (carpal tunnel) and is on a medication now for a chronic knee injury..... If he was a horse they would get pretty close to taking him out back and shooting him LOL!!!! [​IMG]

    Hope you are feeling better soon. Long hot showers, lots of motrin and try some moist heat - like a rice sock heated up in the microwave is great for that kind of pain. [​IMG] You will back to this [​IMG] in no time [​IMG]
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    I hear this all the time. I've always been a Busy person. I've worked hard all my like and done work "Women" don't do. But I have slowed down, but not as much as people think I should. I tell them , I'll slow down when I"m dead. !!!I'm older then you (51)
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    I tell it to DH all the time. He rides bicycles and some of the groups he goes with will do 30 or 40 miles at a pretty fast pace. He comes home and looks barely alive. Im afraid hes gonna croak one day... I jokingly tell him as long as the insurance policy is paid up, he can ride forever, lol!
  9. Steve_of_sandspoultry

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    do you have kids?

    LOL that always = do it yourself if you want it done right or in a timely mannor around here. They are all grown and every one of them are city folk now. Veggies come from Walmart, meat from Food Lion, everything else out of a card board box [​IMG]

    I figure Sharon and I will outlast all of them, she ran a couple 5 and 10K races this year and the kids are in their 20's and I can wear them out in no time.

  10. Talihofarms

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    Dec 4, 2010
    I threw my back out about 3 years ago.
    I run a construction crew and I was breaking in a laborer.
    Showing him how to cary 2 sheets 3/4 ply at a time. He was 20 I was 40.

    I got home that night and bent over to take my boots off,..... and bam.

    Something in my back poped. 10 min later, I could feel things tightening up.
    Headed right for bed.
    Next morning I could not move, I could not straighten out. I litterally had to slither out of bed.

    Well here I am thinking it could fix this on my own.
    After 2 days of walking around bent over I had it,
    I had my wife take me to a Voo doo Doctor.
    OK, She took me to the cyropractor(sp?).
    Took an X ray and showed me where my nerve was pinched.
    I will admit it took 3 visits to the voodo doc and I was good as new.
    I haven't been back since, but it worked.

    I don't like taking any medication but that was the one time I can honestly say that I was popping Advil.

    Just thought you would find it interesting that this happens to everyone at some point.
    Some just recover faster.

    Best of Luck.

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