Zimecterin , says it's ivermectin 1.87% Can I use it on chickens?

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    Jan 30, 2011
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    Walmart had this, it's a paste for horses but I heard on here that some put a paste behind there chickens neck? does anyone use this or did I do wrong? It's hard here, no one has ivermectin, and burdocks says they will not order it. I'm not sure my chickens have worms. Anyone in Montana have Any input help? Where are you getting your Meds ?

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    Yes, you can, but it's not for on the neck. You must give that orally. I have used it by putting a dab the size of maybe two BBs smeared into the mouth of each bird. It won't work on the skin, it's an oral paste.
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    Do a BYC search also for "egg withdrawal time" for ivermectin- the time required for tossing eggs. It's off label use for chickens...there are many BYC threads on it you can look at.

    In addition, I like jefferslivestock.com for meds and the feed store.

    Some vets will do a fecal test for worms for a small fee if you choose to check the poo first.
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    Jan 30, 2011
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    Quote:Oh thank you! I was worried I got the wrong stuff. Yay! I think I can add it to a dab of bread then! So each one can have a piece with some of the Meds on it? Also I will throw all eggs away for 2 weeks .
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    Zimectrin Gold (horse paste) has two meds in it.. a (one) "green pea" pea size for Standard chickens and a (one) BB size (BB gun BB) for Bantams.. not more... be careful.. Mine would not eat it on bread, they spit it out.. must taste nasty. (Give orally, careful to dose one at a time, making sure each gets just one dose... on bread or ?)

    I have been told that chickens can build up an immunity to it rather quickly... (so, don't use it next time you worm).... and Ivermectin alone does not kill all worms, does not kill tapeworms. Hence the Zimectrin Gold has two medicines and the second med in it.. (can't remember the name) is the one that kills tapeworms.
    Maybe use the Zimectrin Gold first.. then, ten days later use Valbazen... ?

    I do believe it's the Ivermectin that kills mites as well, though, so that's helpful.

    Order from Jefferslivestock.com or another on-line animal supply.. watch out for freight charges for heavy items. I have feed stores around here, three I can go to... between the three they have everything I could need.

    Withhold eggs from the first dose... repeat dose ten days after first and then withhold the eggs for two more weeks.. safe on the fifteenth day after the second dose... 25th day from the first, from the start of treatment....

    Good luck.
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    Jan 30, 2011
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    Zimectrin does not say gold, must be the same stuff just says zymectrin. I will give it a try this spring when i can see better the feces and I may even take a sample to the vet so he can look for worms. I do not want to worm just for the heck of it. I live in cold cold Montana, I hearcits harder for chickens in the back yards to get worms. Anyways I'm seeking a country vet if I can find one lol. Thanks for the tips all
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    Though not a great fan of Ivermectin as it kills dung beetles etc., I have used it a couple of times when I have had birds who are a nightmare to dust or won't take oral meds.Though not licensed for chickens in Britain we can get ivermectin 'spot on' type treatment designed for racing pigeons. I estimate the weight of the bird and give a proportionate dose and then use a wash-out period of 14 days before eating the eggs (which is the time used in sheep when oral drench is used).

    Not greatly scientific, but works and has never done any known harm to my birds.

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    If at all possible get a vecal test done. you may have to hunt around but I am finding if I have other animals with a vet I can talk some of them into a vecal on the birds. They are a little hesitant cause they don't know how to treat. But after I reassured them I can find treatment here they ran a test. It helps to know what you are treating for as different meds take care of different pests.
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    Dec 8, 2011
    Zimectrin is NOT the same as Zimectrin Gold. The regular Zimectrin (white box with orange/red on it) is only Ivermectrin 1.87%. The Zimectrin Gold is in a box with a black/gold sunset and horses and it has praziquantel 7.75% in addition to the ivermectrin. The praziquantel is what kills tapeworm. Ivermectrin alone does not kill tapeworm.
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