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Zazouae is has given you great advice. I have a Maremma sheepdog (think slightly smaller pyr. with less hair). They are also supposed to not be overly aggressive with people like the Pyrenees. I am actually new to keeping chickens, but I do have runner ducks. Our situation is a little different than others that have posted in that ours is first and foremost a guardian for our sheep. We got him at 7 months old and he had been raised with sheep. He definitely sees his job as sheep protector, not a duck dog. However, because he routinely patrols the farm for foxes along with other vermin, the ducks do benefit. I don't know if that would be different if he had been raised as a pup with poultry rather than sheep--just something to consider. Like you, we have a large area of about 150 acres including our land and our neighbor's cow pasture that he is allowed to be on. I wanted to point out that even with that size property, he still will occasionally roam. He is neutered as well.
As far as introducing him to the ducks for the first time, I watched him very closely and corrected him for trying to play with them. When our ewes had lambs, it was much the same scenario the first year. Basically once they get the idea the animal is something of yours that belongs on the farm they won't harm it. Our biggest challenge was getting him to accept a new cat. We were able to do it with very short introductions spaced out over a couple of weeks. He loves the cat now, but it took lots of patience.
Bear in mind as others have said they are slow to mature and get more reliable as a guardian as they age. Also be prepared for the possibility of a lot of barking at night. Ours has gotten quieter as he's matured. I think he is quieter because he is better able to determine what is an actual threat and what is not now that he's older.
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Hi I just got a Great Pyrenees/ German shepherd puppy 5 days ago. She is calm and follows me everywhere. I had company over and my sisters little girl came in to tell me that Anna (my new puppy) was missing.  I then found her with a dead chick in her mouth

She is 12 weeks old should I just get rid of her.

After this event happened I put the chickens in a chicken pen where the puppy can’t get to them. I have been bringing her into the pens and if she bites at them I say NO very loud and give her a smack. I have been doing this for 3 days now and she doesn't care about the chickens any more she just lays there and choose on a stick. I have her on a short leash when I do this.

What do you think I should do?

I have a 6 year old german shepherd/ Alstralien shepherd. she has never killed a chicken even when she was a puppy. Anna stays with her when she is not with me.

will she grow out of this. I also have goats but she hasten done anything aggressive to them.






I love her so much and if there is something I can do I really need to know.

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