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<3 My Chickens. <3

By Chicks Galore3 · May 5, 2013 · Updated Jun 9, 2013 · ·
  1. Chicks Galore3
    I absolutely ADORE my chickens. I couldn't imagine my life without them! Here is a little sneak peek into what my chickening life is like-

    *Will be edited to add more pictures!*


    Buff orpington-This is one of my sweetest chickens! She always comes a runnin’ when I call, and LOVES lap time with Mommy. She is an obsessive hoarder of apples!!!! Whenever there is an apple core(s) in the treat basket, she takes them all, hides them in the corner, and eats them before anyone else can! She also goes BASERK for raisins! (She is afraid of mealworms, go figure.) She lays a cream-colored large egg 5-7 times a week.



    Dandelions sister. She is a VERY big hen, weighing in at 6 pounds, and always sounds like she is saying, “Whaaaaaaaaat?!” She isn’t as tame as her sister, but still likes preening the pant legs of anyone willing. Her favorite treat? Cat litter. Yes, cat litter. If she manages to get into the barn, (She always manages) She will go straight to the littler boxes and eat. Then she chokes and sounds like a goose. Silly chicken. She lays a pinky cream oval shaped egg.



    Ordered as a Black Austrralorp - Identified as a Black Sex-link. As her name suggests, she was a bully! She has settled down now and is happily in the middle of the pecking order. She likes just about anything, but adores sunflower seeds! She is a ‘look but don’t touch’ type of chicken, but she will hop up on your lap, on her terms. She is a nightmare to catch if she escapes the coop! She lays a darker brown speckled gray egg.



    She is Attila’s sister. Polly- short for politician. She LOVES to talk! You can hear her through closed windows and doors if she desperately wants OUT! (which is all the time.) She is in favor of tomatoes. She is like her sister, she doesn’t like being held but she likes laps, on occasion. She is even worse then her sister when she escapes! She is known for, "Dem yella EYES!" Her eyes are a very bright yellow, and has a unnerving stare. [​IMG]She has She lays a pinky-purple egg, sometimes with speckles.



    Silver Laced Wyandotte - Head chicken, and can be pecky. She is very vicious in the nesting box. She LOVES rice. She isn’t very tame and avoids humans for the most part. She lays a light brown speckled gray egg.



    Macy’s sister. She is a bit tamer then Macy, but still doesn’t like humans. She, like her sister, love rice. She, like her sister, lays light brown speckled gray egg. She is a lot like her sister! In looks too.



    Easter Egger- Little Miss Roadrunner. Very fast and long legged. Overall long chicken ,but not heavy. has very bright and beautiful tail feathers and looks like a peacock when the wind is just right behind her. She is curious of humans, but detests being held. She is more of a picky eater, but likes oatmeal a great deal. She lays a gorgeous sky-blue egg, often long and pointy double yokers. That is, when she isn’t broody! She is a very determined mother, and will be hatching eggs in the spring of 2014 if all goes well!




    Pebble’s sister. She is more of a bantam size, and has crooked toes. She is sweet chicken, but doesn’t like holding. She is the nesting box police! As soon as she hears the thunk of an egg in the nesting box, she pulls the layer out of the box by her neck feathers. She then continues to inspect the egg, and if it qualifies, sits on it. She is so funny! She ADORES bread! She lays an almost perfectly round egg varying from grass green to olive green.



    The sweetest chicken of all time! She is a lighter chicken and likes to fly up to my shoulder. She goes crazy for just about any food, but greatly enjoys RAISINS! She is a momma’s baby because she sprained a leg muscle earlier on and because of the one-on-one special care, made very good buddies with me. She lays a darkish brown, good sized egg.

    She is a “Whatca doin’?” Kind of chicken. Very curious, and likes to be on your lap and ok with being held. She likes mealworms more then anybody else. She lays a smaller dark brown egg with raised darker brown spots on one end.


    Always where she shouldn’t be- In the garage, the garden, you name it. She is ALWAYS the last one in the coop at night. We often have to go find her, and she is usually stuck somewhere because she was trying to investigate. (In this picture she escaped into the forbidden part in the barn. ;) She is a vocal chicken and likes to be scratched on the back. Part of her comb got caught on a nail, so she is easily distinguishable. She lays a tan egg with darker spots.
    Miss Pecker


    Her full name is Miss Gertrude Pecker. She has a nasty peck, but it is usually just a curious one. She is the shiest of the Gold Stars, and likes to hang out with the Wyandottes. She likes oatmeal especially. She lays the lightest egg of the Gold stars, which is fitting, because she is the lightest colored one.

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  1. DLV58
    enjoyed seeing and reading about your chickens!
  2. TheCrazyClucker
    Beautiful birds--- Polly and Attila look like Black Sex-Links
    Very awesome chickens! :)
  4. MsChickenMomma
    Very beautiful birds!
  5. Chicks Galore3
  6. volvomum
    loved reading about your hens...very pretty

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