Why would one want a diaper for a chicken? So it can come in the house, of course! This is perfect for a spoiled pet chicken who will be allowed in the house, or if you have no choice and need to take a sick/injured chicken inside. After looking and looking for a diaper pattern and having no success, I decided to sit down and make my own. The first couple tries ended in oopsies and messes, but I finally found the perfect solution, and this one has been a success!

Things you'll need -
Fabric of choice (perferably soft material.)
Elastic (thin, easy to stretch kind.)
2 buttons
sewing machine

First things first – measure your chicken. You can see in the picture where to measure. (These are roughly what my measurments were.)

Base of tail to base of neck – 5 inches
Upper chest to vent – 10 inches
Width of tail – 3 inches
Width of neck – 3 inches
The width of the chest piece and back piece should be 2 inches or so. (smaller if a bantam/young chicken.)
To make the poop pouch – cut out to 3 inch square pieces out of your selected fabric, sew them with right sides together, then flip right side out.
So now you should have –
4 short elastics
1 chest piece
1 back piece
1 poop pouch
Now to fit all the pieces together…
Sew poop pouch onto one end of the chest piece. (It should resemble a shovel when you are done.)

Sew the 4 elastics onto the 4 corners of the back piece. Sew buttons onto the front 2 elastics.

Attach the back piece onto the chest piece by sewing the elastics onto the 2 front corners.

All done!

Line the pouch with paper towels, securing with tape if need be. Dispose dirty towels to clean.
To put it on a chicken, put the chickens head through the middle to elastics, bring the back piece over the head, the poop pouch through the legs, and button. The chicken might fuss with it, but just make sure s/he has enough room around the neck and s/he'll be fine. ;) If you have any trouble, please comment or send me a Private Message! Enjoy!

Want to see me make something else? Chicken outfits? Chicken sweaters for late molters? PM me!

No chickens were harmed in the making of this diaper - one chicken may have eaten too many oats as the owner tried to put it on for the first time, however. :)