I Tried to cut cost by putting in a metal plate instead of plexiglass. I like being able to control whats on and whats off not to mention knowing at a glance what is running at that time. i defiantly wanted to put the turner switch close to the door. With the dickey i had to goto the back of the unit and have someone on the other end tell me when to stop so that i could get the trays out.

Here is the back of the build without the hatching tray. Another thing i disliked about the dickey was that you couldn't access the back, so i made a door on mine.

The back closed. I added better looking vents for the effect. they're pretty easy to adjust to.

Here's the front. Bill told me the turn the door around so i did.

Here is the side of the build.

And that's it. By the way it weighs 46 pounds with out the hatching tray.
I added this picture to show it complete. I also turned the door around the glass was radiating heat and was screwing with my temperature gauge in the window. ( I will fix the henge impressions after these eggs hatch), If you can read the gauge you'll see that the air temp in the cabinet at the time of the picture is 97.5 degrees, ( the air temp varys every time the heat kicks on and off do to the fan blowing right on the temperature gauge)and the temp inside of my fake egg reads 99.3 and the humidity is 42%. ( I added more water after this picture) At the current setting the temp of the fake egg has been constant at 99.3 degrees. I figure that the extra .2 degrees won't make that big of a differance. I didn't have that much time to set the cabinet up before bill came over and took the 300 egg incubator. i will fine tune the cabinet after the eggs hatch, unless someone else snatches this unit out from under me, on short notice. Just kidding bill ;)