Here is a sneek peek at the walnut incubator that i will be bringing to the swap this saterday. I just finished the cabnet. Tomorrow i work on the egg turner and electrical.

Sorry the flash takes away from the true color.

Here is the interior without the turner. I'm going to make this a 144 egg turner without a hatcher in the bottom. I hope that i have time to build it's sister the "Biblis Hatcher" which will be the same dimentions as the bator. I picture them side by side. One would take the trays out of the incubator at 18 days and put the cage cover on the tray then just slide it into the hatcher. That's my plan anyhow we will see tomorrow.

I just wanted to post this pic to show the power usage when the bator is heating and the fan is blowing. You would add 75 milliamps to this when the egg turner is installed. I am making this bator air tight with fresh air injectors. it should in theory only cycle the heat every 10 minutes for approximitly 30 seconds. I think that when i'm done it will be the most efficiant bator on the market. Image hatching 144 eggs from start to finish for less than 5 dollars.


Anyhow, i hope that you can make it to the swap this weekend in ga to see it up close. i'm going to try to run it on my inverter off of my truck battery for deminstration.

PS, for thoughts interested the way that i have acheved the low wattage is by incorperating a radiator style ceramic heater. It's more expensive then the heating coils but is three times more efficiant.