A Bond Cannot Be Broken... Yes a bond cannot be broken. I say that not in relationship to my own sibling bond but into the kind of love and care I have seen from Serena and Artemis. It breaks my heart to see Artemis set aside from the flock. What used to be the sweetest thing in the world has turned heartbreaking. Most importantly her little foot and nail must still hurt a lot.
I didnt think sibling bonds existed outside of my non blood related self appointed sibling. I did grow up with a sister but sometimes I like to attribute our distance with an age gap. Surely it isnt a huge age gap but of course we were at different wave lengths in our lives. While she entered teendom I entered first grade. But these few days observing our little hens I came to realize something. In a pinch of an eye when one needs comfort and care siblings can surprise you. I know with my brother and I its a whole different situation with age being a small factor and distance ruling everything.
Its the same with friends I can imagine. There are tons of stories of best friends helping one another in times of need. I dont know what that feels like but I have come to learn to live without it. In such a short time I noted how one injured hen can depend on her little sibling. I assume by size alone Serena is much younger than Artemis herself. Looking at them interact it makes so happy that despite the hen pecker bad girls at least she has someone to count on.
Never doubt size in a fight alone. Because as I have witnessed to Serena size is no matter. She has indeed pecked the bad girls away from her sibling. Surely she loves spending time with them as well. But out of all the hours in the day she finds time to keep her sibling company. Yesterday alone I saw her gently peck at her like a sweet kiss and rest her head on her back. Kind of like a human resting his or her head on another persons shoulder. This small gesture made me aw and almost cry. I have found myself at a loss when it comes to the other two's behavior. I completely just wanted to cry my eyes out. It surely was frustrating to see her isolated and alone. But spending more time just the two at night has surely grown their bonding experience.
I would say the other two are changing their ways but I would be lying. There are times they ignore her enough to allow her to peck at the lawn and eat some flowers. Today alone I handed them some watermelon. Oh they love their snack time. And per a suggestion with a twist I hung up an apple. Surely snack time might distract them and allow Artemis to enjoy our yard again. But its still pretty whole. And most importantly her foot still hurts. That little flamingo stance is concerning. I at least know that when the tough gets going she has her sister Serena to count on. I start to re-evaluate my own relationship with my own sister. Despite all the differences of opinion and comments back and forth I can surely say I at least have a sibling. No one should stay mad at them forever. It isnt worth it in the end. I know when it came to bro I couldnt stay mad at him for very long. I am most thankful for the one who's blood isnt mine. If you cant count on siblings then who can you count on? I better go see how the sweet girls are doing.