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By LaSombra · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. LaSombra
    I bought my first brood of day-old chicks at the end of April 2009 (7 of them) and then started another brood at the end of May (5 more). I've since gotten a few more and have 16 all together. I have 2 roosters and 13 hens currently and am hatching some chicks.
    My kids have named a few of my girls and I have named a few more. I am still working on names for them, though.
    My flock includes:
    Coop 1-
    3 "Araucanas"/EE (2 pullets, 1 roo) - My roo is named "Gallo" and my original araucana girl's name is "Candy." The newest is "Sarah Connor" (Transformers) cause my son thought "araucana" sounded like "sarah connor"
    3 Wyandottes (1 silver-laced & 1 gold-laced-pullets, 1 buff roo.) - My silver-laced is "Belle" and is my personal pet/favorite :) She's turning out to be a lap chicken. The gold-laced is "Sansa" and the buff (roo) is "Pikachu"
    2 black sex-links - "Danaerys," "Cinderella," (Dany and Cindy) and "Eva," RIP was a 3rd but the dogs got into our chicken pen :(
    1 red sex-link - "Noodle"
    2 barred rocks - "Snowflake" and "Arya"
    1 australorp - "woody" (my son thought she looked like a woodpecker)
    1 blue orpington - "Gilly"
    2 Rhode Island Reds - "Rosie" and "Ruthie"
    Buff 1/2 EE, 1/2 RIR
    coop 2- (still working on names here. There are lots and only 3 months old, most of them) mostly girls

    EE - Holly, Reece
    Blue ameraucanas - 2 girls, 2 boys
    French black/blue copper marans - Smokey is my blue copper marans roo, plus I have 2 black copper females
    Buff orpington - Polly
    Blue-laced red wyandotte - Cabela
    Salmon faverolles - Chum
    cornish (white laced red) valentina and un-named
    buff brahma - sunflower (or sunny)
    cochins - 1 buff and 1 black... haven't thought of names yet, but they're cute
    silkie - Ziggy is a lavender split
    White crested black polish - Elvira and Einstein (1 boy and 1 girl)
    Welsummers - several in there, but no names yet
    barnevelders - several in there, but no names yet. They're young still also, don't know about boys v girls
    home-hatched mixes - Esther is our Easter chick. She's 1/2 EE and 1/2 SLW. Peanut and Maya were hatched in May, not sure what mix.
    silver lakenvelder - Misty
    California white leghorns - Blanca and Paloma
    Speckled Sussex - Estrella
    Blue Wyandottes - 4 girls, still not named yet...

    Minutes-old Holly, my very first hatched egg :)

    So far, Snowflake seems to be my head "hen" with Danaerys in second place. They're still quite young, though, so we'll see if the top of the pecking order changes any.

    clock-wise from top-left: Snowflake, Danaerys, Arya, Candy, Gallo
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