Hello, welcome to my coop! It is 9ft x 10ft and built from the back half of the carport next to our shed. Our run is 10ft x 20ft
We now have a 2nd coop in the front half of the carport so we have a "chicken duplex." We're planning on making the runs bigger than 10x20 this year also...want to expand one side of it so they have more room to run around. The 2nd coop is still a work in progress. There are just chicks in there and so we don't have our nests or anything. It's very basic.


Here are our nests. They are made from 5 gallon buckets. These are from kitty litter from Costco and so they're rectangular in shape, perfect for our girls! I added hinges to the top board so I could have some added storage.

Here are our roosts. They are made from 2x4s, wide side up. Each roost is 5 ft long.
This is Cinderella modeling the roost for us!

Here is a pic of our brooder/separator, etc.
The bird cage on top is where I kept my peeps until they were old enough to go in the bigger cage below.
They had several weeks to interact with the bigger chicks through the wire safely before being introduced to the flock

Just built them a dust bath. It's about 2ft x 4ft, mixed dirt, sand and DE for them.
Here's what it looks like.