Hello, come meet my flock! Thanks for visiting :)
These pics were taken in early July ('09), making the older ones 10 wks old and the younger ones about 6 wks old.
Gallo, our rooster

Here he is as a baby :) ahh... they grow up so fast.

Snowflake (left) and Danaerys (right) are my head pullets

Arya (left), Cindy (right)

Noodle (left), Candy (right)

Belle, my silver-laced wyandotte loves to perch on my arm :)

Young uns: Belle, Sansa, Eva, Gilly, Woody, Pikachu (Left to right)

and a close-up of Pikachu since he doesn't show up well:

The 3 sisters: Chromia, Firestar and Moonracer
These ended up being one sister and two brothers so the boys were traded back in for our new RIR girls.
Chromia's name was changed to Sarah Connor when the boys got new names