[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]About Our Flock[/FONT]
We got our 5, 2-year old hens on Labor Day weekend. We added our 6 month old rooster a week later. We never knew how much fun chickens would be! They each have their own personalities! We're hooked!
These are our two New Hampshire Red hens, Ethel and Lucy. They lay brown eggs and each lay about every-other day, so they are pretty fair producers. Lucy is our most talkative chicken, she is very friendly - almost pushy. She's adventurous and a 'leader of the pack." Ethel is a little more laid back, but she is first in line for snacks! She's right underfoot to get the first stirred-up hopping bug, and will fight her friends down over a little crumb of stale bread!

Flossy is our Leghorn (my husband calls her Foghorn!) She lays white eggs and, as our best layer, lays almost daily! She is a friendly, talkative little thing. She seems to be easily distracted away from the rest of the flock, so we end up hunting for her a lot. We usually find her happily scratching away under a Leyland, oblivious to the world around her! In other words...she a little bit of an air-head!

This is Ginger, our Easter Egger. Her eggs are the prettiest seafoam green, though we only see one about every third day. She is our lowest producer, but we plan to harvest some of her eggs to incubate and hopefully hatch in the Spring! Ginger is a Sweetheart, friendly and talkative, but a bit of a loner. She too will get away from the flock, but she does this intentionally. She enjoys her solitude, scratching under the Cypress trees with no competition, just all by herself.

Oh, Gertrude...our Barred Plymouth Rock! What can I say about her? She is a hoot! She also is right underfoot for a snack as we shuffle around in the yard. She is our GREEDY hen...will snatch bread right out of my hand! Between her and Ethel it's surprising the others get any! Gertrude is extremely friendly and sociable, and is probably my favorite of the hens. She lays light brown eggs...the color of chocolate milk! Update: We lost Gertrude on 1/3/2010...we're sure gonna miss ya, Gal!

On 1/5/2010 the strangest thing happened...this little Easter egger hen "wandered" up into our yard, a plastic strap on her leg telling of her escape from the production house. How she got to us is only a miracle, she has merged with the flock for the most part, except at night she chooses to roost in the Leyland's. She lays the littlest pale pink eggs. ***Update: After some research we have found out that Wanda is a Belgian Bantam! We love our Wanda!


[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]In Feb. 2010 we added these two to the flock. The Barred Rock, originally thought to be a hen, we now know as Speckles, our new rooster and Clara, the Barred Rock/Easter Egger mix. Ethel, our alpha, won't let these two into the coop at night, so they stay in our old dog pen, and roost under the eave on an old weight bench, even though we've fixed them a cozy box inside the dog house! They definitely have a mind of their own, and they stick together. They were hand raised, and love attention, they seem to enjoy it being held and petted. We have now converted the old dog house into a wonderful coop for them and they just love it. You can see our remodeling on our other page.[/FONT]
Here's The Man - Cliff! This has got to be The Rooster From Heaven! He is a perfect gentleman, and The Girls just LOVE him! Not only is he gentle, he is a protector, and provider! He will scratch up a big fat worm, and then "call" the hens over to him and let them have it! Sometimes he will hold it in his beak and let them take it from him! When we feed them snacks, he always hangs back until The Girls have had some before he ever gets any for himself! He is an Ameraucana. Isn't he beautiful?! He's not too crazy about Spek just yet, but they seem to tolerate each other, and avoid as much as possible. We're going to see how it goes.

We plan to separate our coop and run, and move the coop into the old dog pen. We have converted the old dog house/porch into another coop. We think this will help merge Spek and Clara into the flock somewhat.
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Rob and Shelley Lee​