Hello world! My name is Chantal and my DH’s name is Joey. We are youngins – we know! Usually people are surprised. We live in California, though we plan on moving to Texas or Arizona sometime soon. I just recently received bachelors degree in International Business this past December 2011, and Joey is working on becoming a police officer. I plan to work in the computer science field, probably with computer programming, but perhaps in management.
We aren’t terribly interesting people – neither of us have a “party” attitude, and we generally stay home. We go to bed early, and wake up early like a couple of old folks. We just like things that way! I enjoy sewing, cooking, and writing websites and programs. Joey likes watching TV, reading, and aggravating physically exerting activities in general like exercising, running, and doing obstacle courses (ew!). We both enjoy music, video games (though he likes shooters, and I like role-playing games), camping, hiking and most of all we love guns.

Anyway, that’s us!
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